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NL 04, 2008

May 03, 2008 NL 04 / 2008   Dear confreres, In a few days time we will be celebrating the feast of Pentecost. This feast reminds me of two things: Cenacle and Holy Spirit. It is the feast of the Cenacle, for we meet the apostles together with Mary in the upper room awaiting the promise of Christ; […]

NL 04, 2009

    NL 04 / 2009 July 13, 2009 Dear Confreres,   On June 19, 2009, the solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and day of prayer for the sanctification of the clergy, Pope Benedict XVI inaugurated the Jubilee year for priests, in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the heavenly birthday of John Mary […]

NL 04/ 2011, 09 December 2011- Read…

NL 04/ 2011, 09 December 2011 Dear Confreres, We note that many good things come in threes. Time falls neatly into three dimensions: past, present, and future. Physicists examine matter according to energy, motion, and phenomena. We measure area by its height, width, and depth and light by its particle, wave, and beam. Nature’s seeming preference […]

NL 04/ 2012 – 17 December 2012 Read….

NL 04/ 2012 17 December 2012 Dear Confreres, Christmas is celebration. It is celebration of God’s Son with us. But this celebration will have lasting significance only if it translates the heart’s intention- the yearning of the human spirit to compass and express faith, hope and love. These are gifts which cannot be bought or […]

NL 05 2007

NL 05 / 2007 Oct 6, 2007 Dear Confreres, “All the Churches for all the World” The month of October begins with the feast of St. Theresa of Child Jesus, the Patroness of the Missions. And then on the third Sunday of the month we celebrate the Mission Sunday. Main focus of our attention, reflection […]

NL 05, 2008

July 31, 2008 NL 05 / 2008 Dear confreres, We are in the monsoon season where fires are hard to kindle, yet the months of July and August have a special kindling effect in the heart of every Pallottine- these are months of many international meetings to rekindle our apostolic effectiveness. These months inflame us […]

NL 05, 2009

NL 05 / 2009 September 15, 2009 Dear Confreres,   Life for most of us is quite hectic. Commitments compete for our time and energy and often cause us to lose touch with the deepest aspirations of our being and of the Divine Presence. The frenetic pace of life robs us of our sense of […]

NL 06 2007

NL 06 / 2007 Dec 2, 2007 Dear confreres,   Advent 2007 is here before us. In every Advent, the person with whom I would like to associate myself very closely is none other than Mother Mary. This is because she is the one who gives the best example of preparing ourselves for the coming […]

NL 06, 2008

Oct 01, 2008 NL 06 / 2008 Dear confreres, On the occasion of World Mission Day, the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI has invited us to reflect on the urgency of announcing the Gospel in our times. He writes: “… the missionary mandate continues to be an absolute priority for all the baptized who are […]

NL 06, 2009

NL 06 / 2009 December 8, 2009 Dear Confreres, The graceful season of Advent has set in. It is a time of joyful count down to the celebration of the birth of Christ. We also have other events to expectantly count down. We count down to the first light of the new year 2010, hopeful […]