Local Communities

The Society of the Catholic Apostolate as Society of Apostolic Life has a hierarchical structure at three levels. The supreme administrative organ is the General Administration with its office in Rome. The second level of organisation is constituted of the Provinces and Regions. At the third organisational level we have the Local Communities in which the Pallottines live and work. In the whole world around 300 canonically erected Local Communities exist. These are organisational units with a certain number of members under the guidance of Local Rector. The Rector of the Local Community fulfills his office in such a way that all the members are conscious of being co responsible for the ordering of life and apostolate of the community. Above all, he cares for the spiritual and temporal welfare of the community and effectively promotes the apostolate of the community. He discusses the works of the community with the members and keeps them informed on all important matters. He also keeps the Provincial Rector informed of all aspects of the Local Community. The Province has six Local Communities.

Sr. No. Local Communities Local Rectors
1 Nagpur Local Community Fr. George Jacob
2 Indore Local Community Fr. Thomas Tharakunnel
3 Aluva Local Community Fr. James Anchukandathil
4 Trivandrum Local Community Fr. Paul Chandrankunnel
5 Nayyatinkara Local Community Fr. Thomas Edathottiyil
6 Arunachal Pradesh Local Community Fr. Wilson Puthenpurayil
7 Mukkom Local Community Fr. Thomas Manjaly
8 Nasik Local Community Fr. Vincent Thottupatt
9 Lusaka Local Community Fr. Shaji Mathew
10 Italy – Germany Local Community Fr. Babu Perappadan